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specializing in herbal infused salves, balms, bath, body, and facial products

Insight Herbals was born out of a passion for Spirit, Knowledge, Beauty, Health, Healing, Mother Earth and Community. The intentions of Insight Herbals is not only to bring quality face and body care products to consumers, but to do this in a conscientious, sustainable and sacred way by using sustainable practices, environmentally conscious wild-harvesting and making small artisanal batches to ensure the highest quality.

Insight Herbals understands the care needed to call your product “natural”. Creating herbal products that are truly effective requires time and care. Natural herbalists need knowledge and expertise in order to understand how to make products that successfully perform.

We hope you enjoy getting to know and grow with us.

Featured Products

A selection of our most popular herbal healing products. Our products use sustainably grown herbs and botanicals harvested through organic agricultural processes, hand-picked and individually prepared to ensure the highest quality possible.

herbal insights

We are sacred beings. We deserve to use products that are pure, harnessing the rejuvenating, healing, and invigorating qualities of natural herbal ingredients. Here is a selection of insights into the powers of natural herbal ingredients.