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Self Care is a Sacred Act

Hello Dear Friends,

This is my first official blog post and I felt myself drawn to share some of my thoughts on self care. As you may have noticed my business is Titled,“Insight Herbals, Sacred Goods”. I wanted to convey an idea that I could stand behind whether I embodied it on a day to day basis or not. That idea is that we are all sacred beings, deserving of ceremony, and of giving and receiving sacred acts. This, of course, includes all the non human entities in this world as well, and we will get to that. It can be difficult to see the sacred quality in other things when we forget, dismiss or are unable to see it within ourselves first. I wanted to remind people that they are sacred.

I feel my own internal pressures to make a difference, change the world, help others and so on, but I know if I don’t have it in myself that I don’t have it to give to others. So I’m excited to do the thing that feeds me spiritually and that I can give back simultaneously. I like to nurture and cultivate a garden and the Earth and also to create products with those sacred and beautiful plants to help others find that sacred home within. I get filled up by giving and hopefully anyone using the products that fill my spirit and help the Earth get filled up too. I envision the infinity loop of giving and receiving opening and healing the parts we’ve forgotten or unintentionally neglected.

That all sounds great, right? Well,yes, and how does one do that? Ok, so the not so fun answer is that it is an ongoing process, day to day making little decisions based on what is needed. Since life is changing all the time, what I need changes all the time. How annoying. Sometimes I don’t even know what I need. When I get to desperation, exhaustion or pick any other difficult way of being, all I want is the secret formula for feeling better and I want it to be the predictable mathematical equation of:

This+This= feeling better now. But it never seems to work out that way. The one time I like math, appreciate math, want predictable math, it becomes irrelevant! How frustrating.

Once, I’ve had my fit and can come back to Earth, I remember I do have an outline of the four areas in my life that may need attention and care in order for me to be the best version of myself or at least be a little more gentle along the way. Sometimes my best is just making it from the bed to the couch.

My self care check in is:

  • How am I feeling Mentally?
  • How am I feeling Emotionally?
  • How am I feeling Physically?
  • How am I feeling Spiritually?

All of these parts affect each other and if one is off I find if I don’t do the self care needed, it can spiral down to the other areas quickly.

Mental health for me is how am I speaking to myself about myself? How am I speaking to others; am I talking about others negatively? Do I need another persons input or perspective?

Emotional health for me is about feeling seen, heard, acknowledged, supported, connected, in community. I’ve had to ask myself do I feel filled up, neutral or drained after being around certain people? Asking, how am I feeling today and what do I need? Do I have people I can call and trust? If not can I seek out counseling; do I need counseling? Do I have a safe space where I can express all of my feelings and feel seen, heard, accepted and understood?

Physical health for me is not about reaching a body standard. Physical health is a about when do I feel good in my body? How do I move my body that feels good? When do I feel desirable and beautiful? What activities am I doing when I feel this way? How can I appreciate my body today?

Spiritual health for me is not a religious conversation but rather a conversation about what fills me spiritually? What does that mean anyway? What makes me love my life, even if its challenging? It is a practice in noticing the good when it happens. It is about practicing gratitude and compassion. Yes these are super cliché words and I go through periods where there is definitely a lot of eye rolling and swearing about gratitude and compassion, but that’s why its called a practice.

As I’m sharing my four part check in to see what needs attention in myself I’m realizing that there are a lot of questions. More than answers; that all of these things take time and slowing down. I heard once that in order to move the speed of love that we need to slow down. That blew me away. When we love, honor, cherish or appreciate something, we take the time to notice it, get to know it, get curios about it, nurture, cultivate a relationship with it. Self care is a time for me to slow down and get to know myself, ask some difficult questions, sit with all the feelings about the answers or the feelings around not knowing the answers. What a sacred act to get to know myself so well.

I hope all of you take time to slow down enough to love and cherish yourself and remember that you are sacred and deserving of giving and receiving sacred acts. And if you do use the products, that you feel all the grace, power, beauty, and love that has gone into them, from the plants spirits and from mine. I look forward to growing with you.