From the Owner

insight-herbals-founder-becky-the-herbalist-600px.pngHello All,

My name is Becky Efigenio and I am the owner of Insight Herbals. Other titles I hold are that of Mother, Licensed Massage Therapist, Herbalist and Artist. I also enjoy areas of self study around Biodynamics, Sustainability, Soil Science, Water Conservation, Spirituality, and Active Listening, to name a few. All these passions together inform the shape of my exterior and interior life and how they unfold within my journey.

I could go on and on about the spiritual but want to give a nod to the physical and practical aspects as well. The more concrete practices of the way in which the plants are handled are based around Sustainable Practices, meaning a practice that maintains a condition without harming the environment and supporting long term ecological balance by reducing the demand on natural resources by making sure that you replace what you use to the best of your ability.

A sustainable farm employs practices that build soil and soil health, improve water and air quality and improve the quality of life for those engaged with and near the farm operation now and with an eye to the future.

We also practice wild harvesting also known as wild crafting or foraging practices, which means harvesting plants from their natural or wild habitat. Of course we do this sustainably and never harvest plants to extinction and remember to be caretakers, not exploiters, of the Earth. If it’s not available or profuse we will not harvest it! Some of the most popular herbs are now endangered. United Plant Savers is an excellent reference for what herbs not to buy or harvest. Another good article on wildcrafting can be found at “The Art of Wild Harvesting.”

I’m looking forward to growing together and sharing my ongoing spiritual and practical experiences.