Insight Herbal Difference

Insight Herbals was born out of a passion for Spirit, Knowledge, Beauty, Health, Healing, Mother Earth and Community. The intentions of Insight Herbals is not only to bring quality face and body care products to consumers, but to do this in a conscientious, sustainable and sacred way by using sustainable practices, environmentally conscious wild-harvesting and making small artisanal batches to ensure the highest quality.

We are sacred beings. We deserve to use products that are pure, harnessing the rejuvenating, healing, and invigorating qualities of natural herbal ingredients. Our products use sustainably grown herbs and botanicals harvested through organic agricultural processes, hand-picked and individually prepared to ensure the highest quality possible. Many Large retails that provide consumers with herbal products use terms that are misleading to consumers, branding them “All natural” or using common terms that are no longer true. Their focus is to make the most affordable product possible and as a result, aren’t paying attention to where they are sourcing and the sustainability.

Insight Herbals understands the care needed to call your product “natural”. Creating herbal products that are truly effective requires time and care. Natural herbalists need knowledge and expertise in order to understand how to make products that successfully perform.

What makes Insight Herbals different?

Insight Herbals uses more concentrated formulas in all herbal infusions, a differentiating factor to consider when comparing our products with commercialized herbal product options. During the infusion process where herbal ingredients are infused with an oil base or carrier solution, plant materials are strained from the oil and then re-infused with additional herbs for double or triple infusions. Insight herbals uses a much higher concentration of herbal ingredients during the infusion process which creates a much more concentrated infusion. This process takes additional care and time to ensure the infusion process yields a quality product.

The infusion process extracts the herbs’ properties. Quality essential oils are added to certain carrier oils to magnify the scent. Some of our products also incorporate a flower essence that is added through an energy ceremony where the flower and oil are unified. A flower essence is the addition of whole small buds or flowers that are added to reflect a spiritual and emotional connection with the herbs.

Focused on sustainable & spiritual practices

Insight Herbals is highly focused on eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Insight Herbals harvests ingredients using the most sustainable farming practices possible. Sometimes this means that certain products and ingredients can only be harvested at specific times of the year to maximize their growth properties. We grow many herbal ingredients in a sustainable practice garden using organic compost and chemical free treatments. On average, half of the plant materials used in our products are grown in our organic garden.

For herbal ingredients that we can’t harvest ourselves, we work with and support local organic farms. We love working one-on-one with local farmers, supporting their business and creating long-term relationships with them. We work hard to understand their farming practices, methods, their harvest cycles, and more to ensure we deliver high quality herbal products.

When the local season is perfect, we also love practicing sustainable Wild foraging. A plant growing in the wild has a higher fortitude, having had to face all the elements on its own without anyone cultivating it. As a result, it reflects stronger herbal properties than cultivated herbs. 

Astrological Influence

A defining characteristic of Insight Herbals’ products are our infusion of oils during astrological events. Infusing oils around certain astrological events helps the oil products absorb the energetic properties of these events. This may seem abstract but think about it. Think about how you feel on a bright sunny day when the sunlight first hits your face. Or, imagine how you feel looking up at a bright full moon on a clear night. Sunlight emits a very different energy compared to moonlight. The sun is radiant, hot, strong, energetic, more masculine. The moon is gentle, soft, soothing, and more feminine.

Certain astrological events create very specific forms of energy depending on what it is. By infusing certain products at these specific times, they absorb the energy of these events. Some oils are only infused during lunar astrological events and others are infused solar astrological events to pick up these energetic properties.

We hope you enjoy getting to know and grow with us.