Oil Properties

Properties of the Oils Used in Insight Herbals Products

Insight Herbals uses more concentrated formulas in all herbal infusions, a differentiating factor to consider when comparing our products with commercialized herbal product options. During the infusion process where herbal ingredients are infused with an oil base or carrier solution, plant materials are strained from the oil and then re-infused with additional herbs for double or triple infusions. Insight herbals uses a much higher concentration of herbal ingredients during the infusion process, which creates a much more concentrated infusion. This process takes additional care and time to ensure the infusion process yields a quality product.

The infusion process extracts the herbs’ properties. Quality essential oils are added to certain carrier oils to magnify the scent. Some of our products also incorporate a flower essence as well. A flower essence is the addition of whole small buds or flowers that are added to reflect a spiritual and emotional connection with the herbs.

Each oil has its own properties of healing just like the plants; since most oils are plant based anyway. Each oil also has fat solubility which interacts with our skin providing different levels and speeds of absorption, which in turn effect how much of the plant constituents effect under the skin and how quickly.

We use the following oils in our products:

Olive Oil:  Emollient, restorative, nutritious, weakly astringent and antiseptic.

Cocoa Butter: is an emollient/skin softener, protective, water repellent

Shea Butter: Emollient/skin softener, great for cracked, aged or damaged skin, bruising, soreness.

Almond Oil: Emollient/moisturizing, vitamins, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch.

Jojoba Oil: Emollient/ moisturizes, antioxidant, great fo all skin types.